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Element 3d Plugin After Effects Free 19

Element 3D Plugin After Effects Free 19

Element 3D is a powerful plugin for Adobe After Effects that allows you to create stunning 3D objects and particles from any 3D model. You can import your own models or use the built-in ones, and customize them with materials, textures, lighting, shadows, and more. Element 3D also supports GPU acceleration, which means faster rendering and better performance.

Element 3D is not a free plugin, but you can get it for a discounted price of $199.95 from the official website. However, if you are looking for a free alternative, you might want to check out some of these options:

Element 3d Plugin After Effects Free 19

  • Blender: Blender is a free and open source 3D creation software that can do everything from modeling, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, motion tracking, video editing, and game creation. You can use Blender to create 3D models and export them as OBJ or FBX files, which can be imported into Element 3D. Blender also has a powerful node-based compositor that can integrate with After Effects via the AE Link plugin. You can download Blender from [here].

  • Cinema 4D Lite: Cinema 4D Lite is a simplified version of Cinema 4D, a professional 3D software that is widely used in the motion graphics industry. Cinema 4D Lite comes bundled with After Effects CC and above, and allows you to create and edit basic 3D objects and scenes. You can also use the Cineware plugin to link your Cinema 4D projects with After Effects, and render them directly in the composition. You can learn more about Cinema 4D Lite from [here].

  • Stardust: Stardust is a modular 3D particle system for After Effects that lets you create stunning effects with ease. You can use Stardust to generate particles from any layer, shape, mask, or text, and apply various presets, modifiers, fields, forces, and more. Stardust also supports OBJ and PLY models, which can be used as particle sources or instances. Stardust has a free trial version that you can download from [here].

These are some of the free or low-cost alternatives to Element 3D that you can use to create amazing 3D effects in After Effects. However, if you want to get the full features and benefits of Element 3D, you might want to consider buying it from the official website. Element 3D is a versatile and powerful plugin that can take your motion graphics to the next level.

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